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Kleins Wanderreisen
Welcome to
Kleins Wanderreisen

We organise interesting hiking tours in Germany and in many other areas of Europe.
For more than 20 years we have operated as a professional and reliable organisation for individual and guided hikes.

To an unprecedented degree, we are currently gripped by the Corona crisis, the climate crisis, the energy crisis, the Ukraine war and, as if that were not enough, an economic crisis is also looming.

It seems as if everything is coming apart at the seams. But what can individuals do about it? Business as usual will probably not work, and burying ones head in the sand is no solution either. And because there is no blueprint for overcoming the crisis, everyone is called upon to do their part, however small.

Politicians draw up proposals on the how, which will demand sacrifices from all of us. Moreover, these guidelines are not always comprehensible. Nevertheless
they will have an effect over time and in the aggregate, if everyone participates. So we should not let ourselves become discouraged by excessive fears, but we should accept the necessary changes in our habits.

The picture of an Australian hiking group shows satisfied participants who, after two years of their countries rigorous Corona ban, hiked across the Alps with courage and joy.

Get through the crises well and keep your joy in hiking too!

Dieter Klein

Many years ago, scientists already pointed out that the mass emission of CO2 will permanently change the climate. This was only a question of time. The appeals were not taken seriously or were simply ignored.

Today, we are facing a problem of global proportions. Politicians have also turned their attention to the issue - finally! Solutions are being sought.

There is no lack of advice and recommendations on how to stop the progressive warming of our home planet.

So what can hikers contribute to climate protection? Hiking, an exceedingly healthy way of getting around, is considered an environmentally friendly variant of travel anyway.

German Railway, with whose former tour operator Ameropa we have agreed to cooperate for the 2022 season, recommends vacation travel by rail as a way of reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

In doing so, the individual certainly does not save the world, but at least makes a contribution.

Almost all of our hiking destinations in Germany have rail connections. So why not travel by train? It would be worth a try!