Welcome to
Kleins Wanderreisen
Welcome to
Kleins Wanderreisen

We organise interesting hiking tours in Germany and in many other areas of Europe.
For more than 20 years we have operated as a professional and reliable organisation for individual and guided hikes.

Premiumwege zum Wandern
im Sommer und im Winter!

Oberbayern wie im Bilderbuch:
Reit im Winkl, im südlichsten Eck Deutschlands,
auf 700 Metern Höhe gelegen mit einem gesunden Reizklima,
kann mit allem dienen, was das Wanderherz begehrt.

Alte, rustikale Bauernhöfe,
blumengeschmückte Balkone, Kirchen und Kapellen,
Gasthäuser mit Biergärten, intakte Natur und viele Wanderwege.

Davon einige Wege der besonderen Art:
Premium-Wanderwege Sommer und Winter,
zertifiziert vom Deutschen Wanderinstitut.

Premiumwege sind Wege mit einer
Qualitätsgarantie für Wanderer.
Natürlich kann man auch auf anderen Wegen
wandern, aber Premiumwege werden nach vorgegebenen Kriterien
geplant und zertifiziert und leiten den Wanderer zu Highlights am Weg,
die er sonst wohl nicht gesehen hätte.

Die Gemeinde Reit im Winkl hat hier Neuland beschritten
und kann mit den ersten Premium-Winterwanderwegen aufwarten.

Wir haben die Wege getestet,
im Sommer und auch im Winter.
Bestens präpariert und markiert,
sind sie allemal eine Empfehlung wert.

We wish you enjoyable hiking!

Yours, Dieter Klein

For many years I have hiked once a year with friends in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, usually on trails we have not previously followed.

This year we opted for the Pyrenees, the mountains on the border between France and Spain.

However, it proved difficult to plan the tour. By chance I then received an e-mail in which a hiking guide offered to organise and lead hiking tours in the Pyrenees!

Naturally, this mail was very helpful for our plans, so I got in touch with its author. A short time later, Alvaro de Andres visited me in our office in Dillenburg. Alvaro studied and completed his doctorate in Stuttgart, speaks excellent German, and lives in a quiet side valley of the Pyrenees, which to date has been mostly spared from mass tourism.

The plan worked out by Alvaro appealed to us, and we departed for the Valle de Hecho at the end of July. It was a wonderful week of hiking!
Our guide, who was completely familiar with the country and its people, had found a small, cosy mountain hotel for us. Imanol, the hotelier, brews his own beer, and his wife Luzia is in charge of the kitchen. Only local meals are served.

Our group really enjoyed it, and so I decided to include this hiking trip in our catalogue. The tour is described in more detail on page 109 and online here. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to call me or send an e-mail.

We wish you enjoyable hiking!

Yours, Dieter Klein