Hiking tours in Germany

Dieter Klein, a passionate hiker, turned his hobby into a profession, and has already hiked most of the tours on offer.

Kleins Wanderreisen has been offering indvidual and guided hiking tours in Germany and in many regions of Europe since 1995.

The tours are always planned meticulously; accommodation is inspected beforehand and then chosen only if suitable.

All hiking tours are planned in advance by Kleins Wanderreisen; the accommodation is booked individually, and certain activities along the hiking route are included in the programme.
For maximum hiking enjoyment, we can adapt our standard tours individually, within certain constraints.

The hiking tours in Germany are divided into three categories, in order to provide you with a better overview:

Germany - guided tours

Guided hiking tours in Germany differ from the individual tours in that a tour guide, with local knowledge, accompanies you on the entire tour.

This can provide welcome support to hikers who may be visiting unfamiliar surroundings for the first time, especially in the case of Alpine tours.

Our guides are extremely knowledgable and can provide every kind of support.

Germany - fixed quarters

Our fixed quarters tours start each day from your hotel, and return there at the end of the day.
In some cases, transfers are provided by the participating hotels, taxis, or by Kleins Wanderreisen itself.
Transfer costs are included in the price. In the rare cases where public transport is necessary, this must be paid extra.

These tours allow you to hike stress-free, since no change of hotel is necessary. Furthermore, the hikes can be adapted individually, which is certainly an advantage in bad weather.

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